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How does a girl like Basak end up with a band like Gamberro? Issa simple! Just make sure that you eat as much döner kebab as possible, and the smell will lure Turkish gems (who love Brazilian samba, and live in the Netherlands) like her towards you…it’s just like fishing, but different!

Basak is all smiles, married with (not to) a cat named Samurai, and she works all the time. She has zero social life (except Gamberro, the hubby, videogames and the cat) and she really doesn’t bother getting of the couch except to play samba. She travels a lot though, as she claims to have been in China (we don’t believe this…) and Nepal (pics or it didn’t happen). Don’t let her petite appearance fool you though; her nickname is ‘truck driver’ due to the extensive smoking, drinking and eating, which makes her a brilliant fit to Gamberro! We are looking forward to seeing her perform the Fine Art of Gamberro burping. BTW, she is a killer player…

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